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The "Catalan Fashion and Textile Cluster" is a non-profit-making Catalan organization, created in 2011, trying to integrate all the companies that develop the textile and fashion industry in Catalonia.

The mission of this entity is to make impulse to the businesses competitiveness in the textile, apparel and fashion industry in Catalonia and to offer valuable assets to the firms and professionals included in this sector, trough individual and collective initiatives as internationalization, training, research, development and innovation, and any other initiative orientated to the competitive improvement.

Ninety five companies belong to the Cluster (date July 2012). They generate an added turnover of 1 billion Euros, maintain a commercial network around more than 200 countries and occupy 3.000 professionals.

In Catalonia exists a powerful textile-mode ecosystem with more than 1.700 companies and 100.000 professionals, including the textile distribution, that represents 4,6 % of the industrial GDP and 1,49 % of the general Catalan GDP. This ecosystem is structured by means of industrial companies, fashion brands, distributors, schools of design and a powerful, creative talent. All of them contribute to the economic and social development of the country and to improve our international image.

The Cluster statement in cooperation with other public and private entities, must facilitate the increase of the economic activity, occupation, knowledge transfer in between creativity and industry, and to improve the image of the brand Catalunya in Europe as a leader country in the textile & fashion industry.