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Celia Vela: ... i un vestit verd maragda.


... and an emerald-green cocktail-dress.

We had coincided a number of times; an inauguration, a couple of cocktails, a reception... If at any one of these acts, we suddenly saw a lady with a sophisticated air and dressed in an emerald-green cocktail-dress, there was no room for doubt, it was her.

We had discovered that she was called Elvira and was a very rich widow. We didn’t exactly know why, but she caught our eye, we always said to each other that we had to find a way to speak to her.

Finally, one day we plucked up the courage and approached her ...we ended up having a few drinks together. We couldn’t help ourselves from asking why she always dressed in emerald. “...sure that you want me to tell you?”, ... And that story seduced us. (To learn the whole story you will have to come to our show).