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080 360º Barcelona Fashion Brands



Barcelona’s collection is inspired on the streets the squares, the monuments and the hidden-gems around Barcelona. The proximity to our Mediterranean sea refreshes us and gives us a unique light that mixes with the colors of the water and sand.

Wandering through the streets, stopping a while in the Plazas, children run, jump and play, just as they did in our childhood memories. The summer is “fiesta”, light, color, it is street-life, going out, strolling, fleeing, watching…

This explains why the children are happier, and enjoy playing, on the beaches, in the parks, in the yard, it is all an explosion of cool and color. Cóndor presents: The “JARDI” line, a cool line to enjoy in the morning; The “EIXAMPLE” line reflecting the evening strolls through the streets and “FESTA MAJOR” line, for those party-nights.