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080 360º Barcelona Fashion Brands


Yerse was founded by Lluís Generó Domènech in 1964 in Sabadell, a leader in knitwear fashions for many years.

Forty years later, Yerse is undergoing a profound transformation in its attempt to reach ambitious business aims. Consequently, the company has adapted to the times, following a business diversification strategy based on design and innovation.

Today, our collections are sold in more than 1,200 sales-points in Spain and the rest of Europe, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Greece, Portugal and Italy, amongst others and brings out two collections −Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter−, plus one for accessories. Each of them offers among 180 and 200 garments. Yerse distributes its articles in own shops, shops multibrand, and own spaces in “El Corte Inglés”. Recently a new Yerse’s shop has been inaugurated in the Lagasca street of Madrid.

In conjunction with Ariadne Artiles, Yerse launches the second "Ariadne Artiles for Yerse" a special edition exclusively designed by the model for the brand.