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Manuel Bolaño

Born in Barcelona, but brought up in the Spanish province of Galicia.

In 2002 he moved back to Barcelona, and in 2007 he was graduated from the College of Design and Fashion Felicidad Duce, where he won the prize for the best Collection in his year-group at Bread & Butter Barcelona.

He takes part in the Open Catwalk of Murcia, and wins prizes at the competition for Young Creators in Madrid, the Noovo Festival of Santiago de Compostela, Young Murcia and is selected for the Bressol Project of the Government of Catalonia.

Since 2008 he has unveiled his collections at 080 Barcelona Fashion and has won the prize for the best female collection on two occasions. Summer 2011 “Something about me“, and Summer 2012 “How to repair a broken heart”.