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Celia Vela

Celia made her debut in Barcelona’s official catwalk in 1998. Nowadays, she takes part in the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week.

She has a store in Figueres. In 1998, introduced her collections in Japan. Nowadays, she owns a showroom in Tokyo (Ginza), where she is about to open a new store.

Apart from Barcelona and Tokyo, she presents her collections in Paris, within the framework of the Atmosphère in the Paris Fashion Designers’ Week or in Pure London. She has also collaborated with the Coty-Astor company, ModaFAD, Barcelona Moda Centre, Dupont, the Textile Center, and Lucky Strike, among others.

She designed and made the uniforms for the Japanese Pavilion at the Zaragoza Expo. Since 1998, she is a regular participant in round tables.