Exibition: Fashion and Beauty in Ancient Egypt


Palau de Pedralbes


13th July - All day

Activity description:

A selection of objects relevant to the temporary exhibition "Fashion and Beauty in Ancient Egypt" from the Museu Egipci de Barcelona (Egyptian Museum of Barcelona).

A temporary exhibition at the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona lasting until July 20 (284 València Street, Barcelona.

"The Greek wise Herodotus wrote that the Egyptians were the most religious people in the world; from a contemporary perspective we can certainly say that the Egyptians were not only very religious but also had a marked elegance and sophistication when it came to adorning and taking care of their bodies.

Different types of linen garments dyed in a variety of colors were combined with wigs which the hairdressers of the times coiffured into the hair styles fashionable throughout the duration of the pharaonic era.

Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, fashioned with precious stones, gold, silver or delicate Egyptian faience which not only enhanced the beauty of the wearers but also conferred on them the powers of the properties of the symbolic elements used in the designs.

Lastly, unguents, perfumes and eye make-up were all used in caring for the body; among them being the most widely used kohol or eye-liner as we know it today.

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